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12.5. Environmental Issues & Ecology

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Advances in Coastal Ecology : People, Processes and Ecosystems in Kenya article
Jan Hoorweg, Nyawira Muthga
Source: African Studies Centre, Leiden
Series: 2009
Africa's ecology book
Sustaining the biological and environmental diversity of a continent
James, Valentine Udoh
ISBN: 0899508596
Series: Jefferson, N.C, 1993
African Sacred Groves book
Ecological Dynamics & Social Change
Michael J. Sheridan
ISBN: 9781847014016
Series: Oxford, 2008
Assessing the cost of adaptation to climate change book
A review of the UNFCCC and other recent estimates
Parry Martin
ISBN: 9781843697459
Series: London, 2009
Boom and Dislocation book
The Environmental and Social Imacts of Mining in the Wassa West District of Ghana
Akabzaa, Thomas M
ISBN: 9789988602994
Series: 2000, Third World Network-Afrika
Carbon Trading book
A Critical Conversation on Climate Change, Privatization and Power
Nortberg, Olle
ISBN: 0003452328
Series: Uppsala, 2006
Climate Change and the Management of Natural Systems in Cameroon book
Emmanuel Neba Ndenecho
Series: Mankon/ Bamenda, 2011
Climate Change and the Urban Poor book
Risk and Resilience in 15 of the World´s Most Vulnerable Cities
International Istitute for Environment and Development (IIED)
Series: London
Climate Change in Africa book
Toulmin Camilla
ISBN: 9781848130159
Series: London, 2009
Climate Change Vulnerability and Adaptation Assessment article
Land Management in Ghana
Gyasi, E. A., Karikari, O., Kranjac-Berisavljevic, G., Vordzogbe, V. Von.,
Source: The Netherlands Climate Assistance Programme
Series: 2006
Climate Change, Trade and Modes of Production in Sub-Saharan Africa book
Studies in the African Past-3
Chami, Felix (ed.)
Series: Dar Es Salaam, 2003
Community management of natural resources in Africa book
Impacts, experiences and future directions
Roe, Dilys
ISBN: 9781843697558
Series: London, 2009
Comparison and adaptation of social change dynamics for the collective abandonment of open defecation report article
Porovnání a adaptace dynamik sociálních změn vedoucích ke kolektivnímu odklonu od neregulovaného vyměšování mimo určená místa. - Zpráva
Water Aid Ghana
Source: Water Aid
Series: 2008
Deforestation in Central Africa article
Estimates at regional, national and landscape levels by advanced proccesing of systematically-distributed Landsat extracts
Duveiller, G., Defourny, P., Desclée, B., Mayaux, P.,
Source: Remote Sensing of Environment 112 (2008)
Series: 2007
Delta Nigeria book
The Rape of Paradise
George Osodi (Photographs)
Series: 2011
Environmental Economics and Policy book
Young Researchers Perspective
Šauer, Petr
ISBN: 9788086709147
Series: Prague, 2008
Environmental Economics, Policy and International Relations book
9th seminar of postgraduate students, young scientists and researchers
Šauer, Petr
ISBN: 9788086709116
Series: Prague, 2007
Essays on the Land, Ecotheology, and Traditions in Africa book
Ntreh, Benjamin Abotchie
ISBN: 9781532682025
Evidence for Hope: The search for sustainable development book
The story of the International Institute for Environment and Development
Cross, Nigel
ISBN: 1853838551
Series: London, 2003
Global Warming book
Who is taking the heat?
Foley, Gerald
ISBN: 1870670221
Series: London, 1991
Groundwater Quality: Burkina Faso article
Kvalita podzemních vod: Burkina Faso
British Geological Survey
Source: Water Aid
Series: 2002
Local Millennium Development Goals initiative Local government and water and sanitation article
Místní iniciativa – Rozvojové cíle tisícíletí. Místní vlády a voda a sanitární opatření
Water Aid
Source: Water Aid
Series: 2008
Můj život s Joy book
Adamson George
Series: 1992
Ne pas tuer la poule aux oeufs d'or : can and should the illegal exploitation of natural resources in East-DRC be prosecuted as a war crime by the International Criminal Court? article
Dirk Ormel
Source: Leiden University
Series: 2011
Oil Conflict and Accumulation Politics in Nigeria article
Kenneth Omeje
Source: Woodrow Wilson Center, Washington, DC
Series: 2007
People and Environment in Africa book
Binns, Tony, ed.
ISBN: 0471951005
Series: Chichester, 1995
Putting our heads together Debating the potential strengths of partnerships for WASH article
Dáváme hlavy dohromady při debatě o potenciálu síly partnerství v projektu WASH
Manyahlshal Ayele, Polly Mathewson
Source: Water Aid
Series: 2009
Soul of a Lion book
One Woman's Quest to Rescue Africa's Wildlife Refugees
Barbara Bennett
Series: Washington D.C., 2010
Strategic review of WaterAid’s water point mapping in East Africa article
Strategický přehled mapování vodních zdrojů, provedených organizací WaterAid ve Východní Africe.
Katharina Welle
Source: Water Aid
Series: 2010
Sustainable Development and Climate Change in South Africa article
Two case studies for the development and climate change project: Energy Futures and Freshwater Resources
Davidson, O., Winkler, H., Mukheibir, P., Sparks, D.,
Source: Energy and Development Research Center
Series: 2003
The African Development Bank and the water and sanitation sector article
Africká banka pro rozvoj a sektor pro vodní zdroje a sanitární opatření
Water Aid
Source: Water Aid
Series: 2011
The complexity of resource governance in a context of state fragility article
An analysis of the mining sector in the Kivu hinterlands
Steven Spittaels
Source: International Alert London
Series: 2010
The complexity of resource governance in a context of state fragility article
The case of eastern DRC
Jeroen Cuvelier
Source: International Alert London
Series: 2010
The Rain Doesn't Come On Time Anymore article
Poverty, vulnerability, and climate variability in Ethiopia
Source: OXFAM
Series: 2010
Towards total sanitation Socio-cultural barriers and triggers to total sanitation in West Africa article
K úplnému zajištění sanitárních opatření. Sociálně kulturní bariéry a mechanismy k úplnému zajištění sanitárních opatření v Západní Africe
Alison Dittmer
Source: Water Aid
Series: 2009
Udržitelná budoucnost v našich rukách book
Informační materiál ke strategii udržitelného rozvoje EU
Kolektiv autorů
ISBN: 9789279072673
Series: Lucemburk, 2008
Udržitelné technologie pro rozvoj book
Příručka pro implementaci udržitelných technologií v rozvojové spolupráci
Tožička Tomáš
ISBN: 9788025461051
Series: Praha, 2009
Udržitelné technologie pro rozvoj: příručka pro implementaci udržitelných technologií v rozvojové spolupráci book
Tožička, Tomáš
ISBN: 9788025461051
Series: Praha, 2009
Vulnerability of North African Countries to Climatic Changes article
Adaptation and Implementation Strategies for Climate Change
Agoumi, Ali
Source: International Institute for Sustainable Development
Series: 2003
Water Aid learning for advocacy and good practice Water and sanitation mapping in West Africa article
WaterAid se učí správně zasahovat. Mapování vodních zdrojů a sanitárních opatření v Západní Africe
Katharina Welle
Source: Water Aid
Series: 2007
Water point mapping in East Africa article
Mapování zdrojů vody ve Východní Africe
Katharina Welle
Source: Water Aid
Series: 2010
Water resource management in Burkina Faso A case study on the potential of small dams article
Management vodních zdrojů v Burkině Faso. – Případová studie o potenciálu malých přehrad.
Abdou-Salam Savadog
Source: Water Aid
Series: 2006
Water shortage, deforestation and development article
South Africa´s working for water programme
Binns, J. A., Illgner, P. M., Nel, E. L.,
Source: Land Degradation and Development 12 (2001)
Series: 2001
When the Grass is Gone book
Development Intervention in African Arid Lands
edited by P.T.W. Baxter
ISBN: 9171063188
Series: Uppsala, 1991
Book of the month

Xoliswa Ndoyiya: Ukutya Kwasekhaya

Xoliswa Ndoyiya: Ukutya KwasekhayaTastes from Nelson Mandela’s kitchen

A collection of recipes by Nelson Mandela's personal chef, this book contains the food served to visiting heads of state, celebrities, politicians for more than 20 years. Featuring some of the favourite former South African president's favourite meals including samp and beans, farm chicken, tripe, this book also features paella, peri-peri chicken, prawn curry, and myriad of other delights. With simple, delicious and nourishing recipes, it will interest those who wish to prepare meals that are both elegant and healthy.More

New arrivals

New titles in our library 12/2016

Our library has aquired a number of new and interesting books. Here is the list of the latest titles.

  • Blood Brothers: The Fatal Friendship Between Muhammad Ali and Malcolm X by Randy Roberts and Johnny Smith
  • Fashion Cities Africa by Hannah Azieb Pool
  • Frantz Fanon: Toward a Revolutionary Humanismby Christopher Lee
  • Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
  • Why Nations Fail: The Origins of Power, Prosperity and Poverty by Robinson, James A., Acemoglu, Daron
  • Shakespeare in Swahililand: Adventures With the Ever-Living Poet by Edward Wilson-Lee
  • A History of Modern Africa: 1800 to the Present by Richard J. Reid
  • Authentically African: Arts and the Transnational Politics of Congolese Culture by Sarah Van Beurden
  • Children in Slavery through the Ages by by Gwyn CampbellSuzanne MiersJoseph C. Miller
  • Global Health in Africa: Historical Perspectives on Disease Control by Tamara Giles-Vernick
  • Rumba on the River: A History of the Popular Music of the Two Congos by Gary  Stewart
  • Women and Slavery, Vol. 1: Africa, the Indian Ocean World, and the Medieval North Atlantic by Gwyn Campbell
  • Women and Slavery, Vol. 2: The Modern Atlantic by Gwyn Campbell
  • Cahier d'un Retour Au Pays Natal by Aimé Cesaire
  • Healing Traditions: African Medicine, Cultural Exchange and Competition in South Africa, 1820-1948 by Karen Elizabeth  Flint
  • Global Education Policy and International Development: New Agendas, Issues and Policies by Antoni Verger
  • Black Skin, White Coats: Nigerian Psychiatrists, Decolonization, and the Globalization of Psychiatry by Matthew M. Heaton
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