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100 Amazing Facts about the Negro with Comlete Proof book
Rogers, J.A.
ISBN: 0960229477
Series: St. Petersburg, FL., 1995
100 Great African Kings and Queens book
Pusch Komiete Commey
Series: Johannesburg, 2012, Vol. 1
Africa book
A Bibliography of the Continent
Reader, John
ISBN: 0140266755
Series: London, 1998
Africa and Other Civilizations: conquest and counter-conquest book
Conquest and Counter-conquest
Falola, Toyin ed.
ISBN: 1592210112
Series: Trenton, 2002
Africa in History book
Davidson, Basil
ISBN: 0684826674
Series: New York, 1995
Africa in the World book
Past and present
Burt. Ben
ISBN: 0714125717
Series: London, 2005
Africa since 1940 - The Past of the Present book
Frederick Cooper
ISBN: 0521772419
Series: Cambridge, U.K. ; New York, NY, 2002, New approaches to African history
Africa Since Independance book
Nugent, Paul
ISBN: 9780333682739
Series: New York, 2004
Africa's armies book
From honor to infamy : a history from 1791 to the present
Robert B. Edgerton
ISBN: 0813342775
Series: Boulder, Colo, 2002
African Civilization Revisited book
Davidson, Basil
ISBN: 0865431248
Series: Trenton, N.J, 2001
African Entrepreneurship book
Muslim Fula Merchants in Sierra Leone
Jalloh, Alusine
ISBN: 0896802078
Series: Ohio, 1999
African Foragers book
Environment, Technology, Interactions
Kusimba, Barut Sibel
ISBN: 075910154X
Series: Walnut Creek, 2003
African History book
An Illustrated Handbook
Sweeting, Earl
ISBN: 0000000000000
Series: 1973
The Africans book
Lamb, David
ISBN: 0394753089
Series: New York, 1989
Africans - The History of a Continent book
John Iliffe
ISBN: 9780521864381
Series: Cambridge, 2007
Africans: The History of a Continent book
Iliffe, John
ISBN: 9780521682978
Series: 2007, African Studies
Africa´s Discovery of Europe (1450-1850) book
Northrup, David
ISBN: 0195140842
Series: New York, 2002
Afrika - procítající světadíl book
Derek Kartun
Series: Praha, 1955
Afrika a Afričané book
Dějiny kontinentu
Iliffe John
Series: 2001
Afrika překvapení a ukvapení book
Václav Opluštil
Series: Praha, 1969
Afrikanci book
vvedenie v istoriju kultury
Davidson, Basil
Series: Moscow, 1975
Alžírsko book
Beránek, Zdeněk
ISBN: 9788072773350
Series: Prague, 2007, Stručná historie států
Amazons of Black Sparta book
The Women Warriors of Dahomey
Alpern, Stanley B.
ISBN: 1850653623
Series: London, 1998
An African-American Reader book
Essays on African-American History, Culture and Society
Scott, William R.
Series: Washington, D.C
An Introduction to African Civilizations book
Jackson, John G
ISBN: 9781614278498
Series: 2015
An Outline of Asante History book
Part 1
Kwadwo, Osei
ISBN: 9988824033
Series: Kumasi, 1994
Angola book
Klíma, Jan
ISBN: 9788072771554
Series: Prague, 2003, Stručná historie států
Angola: The Weight of History book
Chabal, Patrick
ISBN: 9781850658849
Series: London, 2007
Apartheid Museum - Souvenir Guide book
Apartheid Museum
Series: Johannesburg, South Africa, 2001
Assassinations book
Grant R.G.
Series: 2004
Between Three Worlds book
Olisa, Geoffrey Emeka
ISBN: 1553063716
Series: Bellville,, 2002
The Birth of Plenty book
How the prosperity of the modern world was created
Bernstein, William J.
ISBN: 0071421920
Series: New York, 2004
Black Ivory book
A History of British Slavery
Walwin, James
ISBN: 0882581821
Series: Washington, D.C, 1994
The Black Man's Burden book
Africa and the Curse of the Nation-state
Davidson, Basil
ISBN: 0812922107
Series: New York, 1992
Black Stars - the long road to Greatness book
A photographic documentation of Ghana´s football history, Vol.I
Elliot Ackom,Maximus Ametorgoh, Maxwell Owusu-Edusei
Black Women in Britain book
Harriott Jacqueline
Series: 1992
Blood and Soil book
A World History of Genocide and Extermination from Sparta to Darfur
Ben Kiernan
Series: New Haven, London, 2007
Botswana book
Piknerová, Linda
ISBN: 9788072774319
Series: Prague, 2009, Stručná historie států
Burundi book
Biography of a Small African Country
Watt, Nigel
ISBN: 9781850659174
Series: London, 2008
The Call for Democracy in Sudan book
Garang, John
ISBN: 0710304013
Series: London, 1992
The Capstone of Negro Education book
(A History 1867-1940)
Dyson, Walter
ISBN: 0000000000000
Series: Washington, D.C, 1941
Civilising Barbarians book
Missionary Narrative and African Textual Response in Nineteenth-Century South Africa
De Kock, Leon
ISBN: 1868142981
Series: Johannesburg, 1996
Commerce and Economic Change in West Africa: the palm oil trade in the nineteenth century book
The Palm Oil Trade in the Nineteenth Century
Lynn, Martin
ISBN: 0521590744
Series: Cambridge, 1997
The Congo from Leopold to Kabila book
A People's History
Nzongola-Ntalaja, Georges
ISBN: 9781842770535
Series: London, 2007
Constitution For A Nation of Nations (The Ethiopian Prospect) book
The Ethiopian Prospect
Nahum, Fasil
ISBN: 1569020515
Series: Asmara, 1997
Contested Power in Angola book
1840s to the President
Heywood, Linda
ISBN: 1580460631
Series: Rochester, NY, 2000
Cracking the Sky book
A History of Rocket Science in South Africa
Prout-Jones, Desmond
ISBN: 1868882039
Series: Pretoria, 2002
The Cultural Modernity of H. I. E. Dhlomo book
Masilela, Ntongela
ISBN: 1592213146
Series: Trenton, NJ, 2007
Daily Life of the Nubians book
Bianchi, Robert Steven
ISBN: 0313325014
Series: Westport, Conn, 2004
Dějiny Afriky book
Vývoj kontinentu, regionů a států
Jan Klíma
Series: Praha, 2012
Dějiny Angoly book
Jan Klíma
Series: Praha, 2008
Dějiny Jižní Afriky book
Otakar Hulec
Series: Praha, 2010
Dějiny Kapverdských ostrovů, Svatého Tomáše a Princova ostrova book
Jan Klíma
Series: Praha, 2013
Dějiny kolonialismu book
Walter Stamberger
Series: Praha, 1963
Dějiny Madagaskaru book
Pavel Hošek
Series: Praha, 2011
Dějiny Mosambiku book
Jan Klíma
ISBN: 9788074220401
Series: Prague, 2010
Dějiny Zimbabwe, Zambie a Malawi book
Hulec Otakar
ISBN: 9788071069522
Series: Praha, 2008, Dějiny států
The Destruction of Black Civilization book
Great Issues B.C. to 2000 A.D.
Williams, Chancellor
ISBN: 0883780305
Series: Chicago, 1987
Dictionary of Modern History 1789-1945 book
Duncan Townson
Series: 1994
Dotek obráceného půlměsíce book
Krincvaj František, Hrbek Ivan
Series: 1994
Egypt (stručná historie států) book
Vachala Břetislav
Series: 2003
Epic Journeys of Freedom book
Runaway Slaves of the American Revolution and Their Global Quest for Liberty
Cassandra Pybus
ISBN: 9780807055151
Series: Boston, 2006
Eritrea book
Even The Stones Are Burning
Pateman, Roy
ISBN: 1569020574
Series: Lawrenceville, NJ, 1998
Escape From Domination in Africa book
Political Disengagement & Its Consequences
Baker, Bruce
ISBN: 0852558384
Series: Oxford, 2000
Ethiopia - Breaking New Ground book
Parker Ben with Abraham Woldegiorgis
ISBN: 0855984848
Series: Oxford, 1995, Oxfam Country Profile
Ethiopia:Power & Protest book
Peasant Revolts in the Twentieth Century
Tareke, Gebru
ISBN: 1569020191
Series: Lawrenceville, NJ, 1996
The Ethiopian Borderlands book
Essays in Regional History from Ancient Times to The End of the 18th Century
Richard Pankhurst
ISBN: 0932415180
Series: Lawrenceville, N.J, 1997
The Ethiopians book
A History
Pankhurst, Richard
ISBN: 0631224939
Series: Oxford, 2001
Etiopie book
Mojdl, Lubor
ISBN: 9788072772216
Series: Prague, 2005, Stručná historie států
The Experiment Must Continue: Medical Research and Ethics in East Africa, 1940–2014 book
Graboyes, Melissa
ISBN: 9780821421734
Series: 2015, Perspectives on Global Health
Eyewitness in Zululand book
Bennet, Ian
ISBN: 1853670332
Series: London, 1989
Famine Crimes book
Politics & The Disaster Relief Industry in Africa
Alex De Waal
ISBN: 0852558112
Series: London/Bloomington, 1997, African issues
From Babylon To Timbuktu book
A History of Ancient Black Races Including the Black Hebrews
Windsor, Rudolph R.
ISBN: 0962088110
Series: Atlanta, Georgia, 2003
From Genocide to Continental War book
The "Congolese" Conflict and the Crisis of Contemporary Africa
Prunier, Gérard
ISBN: 9781850656654
Series: London, 2009
From Slavery Emancipation in the Atlantic World book
Frey, Sylvia R.
ISBN: 0714649643
Series: London, 1999
From Slavery to Freedom book
A History of African Americans
Franklin, John Hope
ISBN: 0375406719
Series: New York, 2000
From the Statue of Liberty (Liberation) to the Statue of Bigotry (White Rasism and facing White Europe) book
Felder Jack
Series: 1992
The Future that Works book
Selected Writings of A.M. Babu
Babu, VSalma ed.
ISBN: 086543834X
Series: Trenton, NJ, 2002
Ghana book
A Political History from Pre-European to Modern Times
Kofi Nyidevu Awoonor
ISBN: 9964721064
Series: Accra, 1990
Ghana (stručná historie států) book
Vladimír Klíma
Series: 2003
Ghana and the Rawlings Factor book
Shillington, Kevin
ISBN: 0333568451
Series: London, 1992
Ghana in Africa and the World book
Essays in Honor of Adu Boahen
Falola, Toyin ed.
ISBN: 1592210708
Series: Trenton, 2003
Ghana in Transition book
Apter, David E.
Series: 1968
Guinea-Bissau book
Klíma, Jan
ISBN: 9788072773299
Series: Prague, 2006, Stručná historie států
Haile Selassie´s War book
Mockler, Anthony
ISBN: 1902669533
Series: Oxford, 1984
Haiti book
Křížová, Markéta
ISBN: 9788072774241
Series: Prague, 2009, Stručná historie států
Hedvábná cesta book
Obuchová Lubica, Charvát Petr (ed.)
Series: 1998
Histoire de la colonisation française book
Émile Tersen
Series: Paris, 1950, Que sais-je?
Historical Archaeology in Nigeria book
Wesler, Kit W. ed.
ISBN: 086543610X
Series: Trenton NJ, 1998
Historical Dictionary of Mauritius book
Selvon, Sydney
ISBN: 0810824809
Series: London, 1991, African Historical Dictionaries, No. 49
A History of Africa 1918-1967 book
Feonev, L. N.
ISBN: 0000000000000
Series: Moscow, 1968
A History of African Societies to 1870 book
Isichei, Elizabeth
ISBN: 0521455995
Series: Cambridge, 2000
The History of Ethiopia book
Saheed A. Adejumobi
ISBN: 0313322732
Series: Westport, Conn, 2007
A history of modern Sudan book
Robert O. Collins
ISBN: 9780521674959
Series: Cambridge, UK, 2008
A History of Postcolonial Lusophone Africa book
ISBN: 1850655898
Series: London, 2002
Homeward journey book
Readings in African studies
Herbert, T. Neve, editor
ISBN: 0865434085
Series: Trenton, N.J, 1994
How Europe Underdeveloped Africa book
Rodney, Walter
ISBN: 0882580965
Series: Washington, D.C, 1982
Introduction to Neo-colonialism book
Woddis, Jack
ISBN: 0000000000000
Series: London, 1967
Introduction to the History of West Africa book
Fage, J.D.
ISBN: 0000000000000
Series: Cambridge, 1956
Islam and Trade in Sierra Leone book
Jalloh, Alusine (ed.)
ISBN: 0865435456
Series: Trenton, NJ, 1997
Jihoafrická republika (stručná historie států) book
Zimák Alexandr
Series: 2003
Kakungulu and the Creation of Uganda book
Eastern African Studies
Twaddle, Michael
ISBN: 0852557027
Series: London, 1993
Kush, The Jewel of Nubia book
Reconnecting the Root System of African Civilization
Miriam Ma'at-Ka-Re Monges
ISBN: 0865435286
Series: Trenton, NJ, 1997
Lidé od Čadského jezera book
Viktor Černý
ISBN: 8020013644
Series: Praha, 2006
The Life and Death of Lord Erroll book
The truth behind the Happy Valley murder
Errol Trzebinski ; with Emma Pery
ISBN: 1857024370
Series: London, 2000
The Lost Cities of Africa book
Davidson, Basil
ISBN: 0316174319
Series: New York, 1987
The Lost Treasure of King Juba book
The Evidence of Africans in America before Columbus
Joseph, Frank
ISBN: 1591430062
Series: Rochester, Vermont, 2003
Luxor Temple book
Saleh, Mohamed
ISBN: 9773052109
Series: Messaha, 2000
The Making of Egypt book
A Series of Ten Talks
Ghorbal Shafik Mohammed
ISBN: 9773051242
Series: Guizeh, 1999
Mali (stručná historie států) book
Zídek Petr
Series: 2003
Mandela - Character, Comrade, Leader, Prisoner, Negotiater, Statesman book
An exhibition celebrating the life and times of Nelson Rhlihlahla Mandela
Apartheid Museum
Series: Johannesburg, South Africa, 2008
Mary Seacole book
The Charismatic Black Nurse Who Became a Heroine of the Crimea
Robinson, Jane
ISBN: 1841196770
Series: London, 2005
The Missing Pages of 'His-story' (Highlihts in Black Achievement book
Kush Khamit Indus
Series: 1993
Modern Africa book
A Social and Political History
Davidson, Basil
ISBN: 058221288X
Series: Harlow, 1994
Modern Africa - politics, history and society book
UHK/ Petr Skalník (Editor)
Series: 2013, Volume 1, Issue 1
Modern Africa 2013, volume 1, issue 1 book
politics, history and society
Petr Skalník
Series: Hradec Králové, 2013
Modern Africa 2013, volume 1, issue 2 book
politics, history and society
Petr Skalník
Series: Hradec Králové, 2013
Modern Africa 2014, volume 2, issue 1 book
politics, history and society
Petr Skalník
Series: Hradec Králové, 2014
Modern Africa 2014, volume 2, issue 2 book
politics, history and society
Petr Skalník
Series: Hradec Králové, 2014
Modern Africa 2015, volume 3, issue 1 book
politics, history and society
Petr Skalník
Series: Hradec Králové, 2015
Mutual Respect book
A Black Perspective
Mattocks, Desmond
ISBN: 1858634105
Series: London, 1995
Nations and Nationalism since 1780 book
Hobsbawm, J. E.
ISBN: 0521406781
Series: Cambridge, 1990
Never Again: Africa's Last Stand book
Emma S. Etuk
Series: Bloomington, 2008
NewAfrican Yearbook 2001 book
Yedder Afif Ben
Series: 2001
Nigérie (stručná historie států) book
Vladimír Klíma
Series: 2003
Nile Valley Contributions to Civilization book
Browder, Anthony T.
ISBN: 092494403X
Series: Washington, DC, 1992
No Telephone to Heaven book
From Apex to Nadir - Colonial Service in Nigeria, Aden, the Cameroons and the Gold Coast, 1938-61
Milne, Malcolm
ISBN: 0953554007
Series: Stockbridge, 1999
The Nubian Past book
An Archeology of the Sudan
Edwards, David N.
ISBN: 0415369886
Series: London, 2004
Objevení staré Afriky book
Davidson Basil
Series: 1962
Origen de la Colonizacion Espanola de Guine Ecuatorial (1777-1860) book
De Castro L. Mariano, De La Calle Luisa
Series: 1992
The Oxford Handbook of Modern African History (Oxford Handbooks in History) book
Parker, John
ISBN: 9780198779407
Series: 2016
Peace, Politics and Violence in the New South Africa book
Etherington, Norman
ISBN: 1873836759
Series: London, 1992, African Discourse series, 5
The Penguin Atlas of African History book
Colin McEvedy
People, Contacts and the Environment in the African Past book
Studies in The African Past-1
Chami, Felix ed.
ISBN: 9976603444
Series: Dar Es Salaam, 2001
Les peuple et les civilisations de l´Afrique suivi de les langues et l´education book
Baumann H.
ISBN: 0000000000000
Series: Paris, 1948
Planting Rice and Harvesting Slaves book
Social History of Africa
Hawthorne, Walter
ISBN: 0325070490
Series: Portsmouth, NH, 2003
Politics of Black Nationalism book
From Harlem to Soweto
Abraham, Kinfe
ISBN: 0865431566
Series: Trenton, NJ, 1991
Problems in African History: The Precolonial Centuries book
Collins, Robert
ISBN: 1558760598
Series: 1993, Topics in World History
A Question of Excellence book
A Century of African Masters
de Voogt, Alex
ISBN: 1592212824
Series: Asmara, 2005
The Rebels' Hour book
Joris, Lieve
ISBN: 9781843547532
Series: London, 2006
Recasting Ancient Egypt in the African Context book
Crawford, Clinton
ISBN: 086543381X
Series: Trenton NJ, 1996
Reversing Sail book
A History of the African Diaspora
Gomez, Michael A.
ISBN: 0521001358
Series: Cambridge, 2005
The rise and fall of Nigeria book
the history and philosophy of an experiment in African nation-building
Allison A. Ayida
ISBN: 9782601306
Series: Lagos, 1990
The Root Causes of Sudan's Civil Wars book
African Issues
Johnson, Douglas H.
ISBN: 0852553927
Series: Oxford, 2004
Sahrawi Society book
Transition, Resistance and Polisario
Gupta, Rakesh
ISBN: 8170500680
Series: New Delhi, 1988
Say It Plain book
A Century of Great African American Speeches
Ellis, Catherine
ISBN: 1565849248
Series: New York, 2005
Selected Speeches of H.I.M. Haile Selassie I book
1918 - 1967
ISBN: 1890358010
Series: New York, 2000
Silences in African History book
Between the Syndromes of Discovery and Abolition
Depelchin, Jacques
ISBN: 997697373X
Series: Dar Es Salaam, 2005
Simplified History of Central Africa book
Augustine, Muhirwa
ISBN: 0797822844
Series: Matsapha, 2003
The Slave Trade book
The Story of the Atlantic Slave Trade: 1440-1870
Thomas Hugh
ISBN: 0684835657
Series: New York, 1997
Social Origins of Dictatorship and Democracy book
Lord and Peasant in the Making of the Modern World
Barrington Moore, Jr.
Series: Boston, 1967
Sohag in Upper Egypt book
A Glorious History
Kanawati, Naguib
ISBN: 9773051137
Series: Guizeh, 1999
Starověký Egypt book
Pechar Valdimír
Series: 1997
The State of Africa book
A History of Fifty Years of Independence
Martin Meredith
Series: London, 2006
States and Power in Africa book
Comparative Lessons in Authority and Control
Jeffrey Herbst
Series: Princeton, N.J, 2000, Princeton studies in international history and pol
The Story of the Jamaican People book
Sherlock, Philip
ISBN: 9768100303
Series: Kingston, 1998
Students and the Cold War book
Kotek, Joel
ISBN: 0333630157
Series: London, 1996
The Sudan Handbook book
edited by John Ryle ... et al
ISBN: 9781847010308
Series: Suffolk, 2011
Svazijsko (stručná historie států) book
Linda Piknerová
Series: Praha, 2013
The Sword and the Cross book
Fleming, Fergus
ISBN: 1862075271
Series: London, 2003
Le Tchad / Son Vrai Visage book
Tea book
Addiction, Exploration and Empire
Moxham, Roy
ISBN: 1841199176
Series: London, 2004
South Africa book
The Good News
Bowes Brett
ISBN: 0620296410
Series: Rivonia, 2002
Themes in West Africa's History book
Akyeampong, Emmanuel
ISBN: 9780852559956
Series: Oxford, 2006
They Came before Columbus book
The African Presence in Ancient America
Van Sertima, Ivan
ISBN: 9780812968170
Series: New York, 2003
Towards a New Map of Africa book
Wisner, Ben
ISBN: 184407093X
Series: London, 2005
Tradition and Change in Africa book
Falola, Toyin (ed.)
ISBN: 0865437696
Series: Trenton, NJ, 2000
The Trials of J.J. Rawlings book
Echoes of the 31st December Revolution
Yankah, Kojo
ISBN: 0000000000000
Series: Hampton, Virginia, 1992
Uganda book
Ian Leggert
ISBN: 0855984546
Series: Oxford, 2001, Oxfam Country Profile
Understanding Somalia and Somaliland book
Culture, History, Society
Lewis, Ioan
ISBN: 9781850658986
Series: London
UNESCO General History of Africa book
Series: 1990
The United Nations and Mozambique, 1992-1995 book
The United Nations Agency
ISBN: 9211005590
Series: New York, 1995, The United Nations Blue Books Series, Volume V
The Unsettled Land book
State-making&the Politics of Land in Zimbabwe 1893-2003
Alexander, Jocelyn
ISBN: 0852558929
Series: Ohio, 2006
Válka Zulů book
Britsko-zulská válka v roce 1879
Budil, Ivo T.
ISBN: 8072548301
Series: Prague, 2006
Walvis Bay book
South Africa's hostage
Graham Hopwood
ISBN: 1852870788
Series: London, 1990
Who Really Assassinated Martin Luther King, Jr.? book
Felder Jack
Series: 1992
Who Was Really Behind The Assassination of Malcolm X? book
Felder Jack
Series: 1990
Who Were the Minoans book
An African Answer
Campbell-Dunn GJK
ISBN: 9781425920074
Series: Bloomington, 2006
The World and Africa book
An inquiry into the part which Africa has palyed in world history
Du Bois, Burghardt W.E.
ISBN: 0000000000000
Series: New York, 1967
World's Great Men of Color book
Volume I
Rogers J.A.
ISBN: 0020813007
Series: New York, 1972
World's great men of colour book
Volume II
Rogers, J.A.
ISBN: 0684815826
Series: New York, 1996
Worries of the Heart book
Widows, Family, and Community in Kenya
Kenda Mutongi
ISBN: 9780226554198
Series: Chicago, 2007
Yoruba Warlords of the 19th Century book
Falola, Toyin
ISBN: 086543784X
Series: Trenton NJ, 2001
Zanzibar in Contemporary Times book
Lyne, R.N.
ISBN: 1850771731
Series: London, 1987
Book of the month

Xoliswa Ndoyiya: Ukutya Kwasekhaya

Xoliswa Ndoyiya: Ukutya KwasekhayaTastes from Nelson Mandela’s kitchen

A collection of recipes by Nelson Mandela's personal chef, this book contains the food served to visiting heads of state, celebrities, politicians for more than 20 years. Featuring some of the favourite former South African president's favourite meals including samp and beans, farm chicken, tripe, this book also features paella, peri-peri chicken, prawn curry, and myriad of other delights. With simple, delicious and nourishing recipes, it will interest those who wish to prepare meals that are both elegant and healthy.More

New arrivals

New titles in our library 12/2016

Our library has aquired a number of new and interesting books. Here is the list of the latest titles.

  • Blood Brothers: The Fatal Friendship Between Muhammad Ali and Malcolm X by Randy Roberts and Johnny Smith
  • Fashion Cities Africa by Hannah Azieb Pool
  • Frantz Fanon: Toward a Revolutionary Humanismby Christopher Lee
  • Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
  • Why Nations Fail: The Origins of Power, Prosperity and Poverty by Robinson, James A., Acemoglu, Daron
  • Shakespeare in Swahililand: Adventures With the Ever-Living Poet by Edward Wilson-Lee
  • A History of Modern Africa: 1800 to the Present by Richard J. Reid
  • Authentically African: Arts and the Transnational Politics of Congolese Culture by Sarah Van Beurden
  • Children in Slavery through the Ages by by Gwyn CampbellSuzanne MiersJoseph C. Miller
  • Global Health in Africa: Historical Perspectives on Disease Control by Tamara Giles-Vernick
  • Rumba on the River: A History of the Popular Music of the Two Congos by Gary  Stewart
  • Women and Slavery, Vol. 1: Africa, the Indian Ocean World, and the Medieval North Atlantic by Gwyn Campbell
  • Women and Slavery, Vol. 2: The Modern Atlantic by Gwyn Campbell
  • Cahier d'un Retour Au Pays Natal by Aimé Cesaire
  • Healing Traditions: African Medicine, Cultural Exchange and Competition in South Africa, 1820-1948 by Karen Elizabeth  Flint
  • Global Education Policy and International Development: New Agendas, Issues and Policies by Antoni Verger
  • Black Skin, White Coats: Nigerian Psychiatrists, Decolonization, and the Globalization of Psychiatry by Matthew M. Heaton
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