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New Book Club

16/03/18, 18:30, African Information Centre, Ječná 2, Prague 2

Join us for the first session of our new BOOK CLUB!

Come and learn about Africa through the works of African writers. The book for the first session will be Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart.Please contact the African Information centre at to help you gain access to this book if need be. The meeting will consist of a short presentation about the author, a short presentation about the country, a summary of the book and a fun and informative discussion about all of these. All are welcome to join us! :-)

Please let us know if you would like to join us on our Facebook event or by sending us an email at

New African languages classes

16/10/17, 18:30, African Information Centre, 2 Ječná Street, Prague 2

In the week starting 16 October 2017, the AIC is opening new African languages classes.  Come learn an African language with us and by the way indirectly support our humanitarian work.

Projected courses:

- Lingala for beginners : MON 6:30-7:30 PM

- Swahili for beginners : WED 6-7 PM

- Swahili Intermediate: WED 7-8 PM

- Amharic for beginners : ČT 18-19 hod

Register through our online form

Every opens when a minimum of 3 participants is reached.

Price: 2.880 CZK (12x 60 min) incl. syllabus.

Thank you for staying with us.

Humanitas Afrika Team

Across Africa series - Lecture with Prof. Marcel Diki-Kidiri

11/10/17, 18:00, African Information Centre, Ječná 2, Prague 2

Following up with our series Across Africa, Humanitas Afrika in collaboration with SIRIRI o.p.s. invites you to a lecture on the topic

African Languages and their existence in the Cyberspace

with Central African scholar and Unesco expert Prof. Marcel Diki-Kidiri. Twitter:

Language: English

Facebook event:

LINGALA FOR BEGINNERS - New Language course

04/09/17, 18:15, African Information Centre, 2 Ječná Street, Prague 2

A new course is openning on 4 September 2017.

On Mondays: 6:15 pm-7:15 pm

Participants will acquire elementary vocabulary and language competences that will help them undersatnd basic writings in Lingala and communicate in simple common situations.

The teacher is a native speaker from the Democratic Republic of Congo.  Teaching medium is Czech language, eventually French and English..

1st Term: 4.9. - 11.12.2017 , 15 hrs  - Fees: 3.375 CZK

2nd Term: 08.01. - 11.06.2018 , 20 hrs  - Fees: 4.500 CZK

Price includes learning material that will provided to participants.

A 10 % discount is offered when you bring in a new particpant to the course.

Class size: a minimum of 3 participants, 6 maximum.

Come learn a new language at our centre and thereby support our humanitarian work.

Registration form available for download here. Fill-in, scan and email to

For further information, email or or call us at 251 560 375 or mobile: 731 801 028

* * *

Lingala is one of the main languages in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), (Congo-Kinshasa) and the Democratic Republic of Congo (Congo-Brazzaville). There are 12 millions speakers of Lingala and it is worth noticing that it is nowadays a matter of interest in many other African countries, thanks to successful Congolese modern music. Therefore, it is not uncommon to hear Lingala or Lingala music in Lagos (Nigeria), Lomé (Togo), Nairobi (Kenya) and other African metropolis, where Congo stars such as Papa Wemba, Pépe Kallé, Koffi Olomide and others are famous.

Nelson Mandela Day 2017 at African Informational Center

21/07/17, 18:00, African Information Centre, Ječná 2, Prague 2

Let us invite you on Friday 21st of July to celebrate Day of Nelson Mandela in AIC. In cooperation with the Embassy of South Africa in Prague we will have some interesting programme for you.


- A brief presentation of Nelson Mandela's personality

- Short screening of documentary film

- Presentation of Nelson Mandela´s Cook Book

- Tasting of 2 meals from book and South African wine.

We look forward to see you.

AIC Open Doors

16/12/16, 17:00, African Information Centre, Ječná 2, Prague 2

Are you interested in Africa?

Then come visit us.

Advent charity concert with vocal choir Nsango Malamu

11/12/16, 19:00, Big Hall of the UMC, 19, Jecna Street, Prague 2 - New Town

Humanitas Afrika and the United Methodist Church congregation in Prague 2

Invite you to an Advent charity concert with vocal choir

Nsango Malamu - gospel music from Congo and Angola

Across Africa 8th Session "African and Czech Products and Fair trade"

25/11/16, 18:00, Restaurace A Plus, Na Florenci 1413/33, Praha 1, 110 00 Praha 1

Promote ethno non-mainstream African and Czech products.

"Across Africa" 7th Session

07/10/16, 18:30, Goethe-Institut, Masarykovo nábřeží 32, Prague 1

Humanitas Afrika, in collaboration with Goethe-Institut Prague invites you to the 7th Session of its programme "Across Africa"

- Theme: Are international relations, diplomacy and multiculturalism? If yes, how should they be handled?

African Languages Courses

22/09/16, 18:00, African Information Centre

From 6 October 2016, we are openning new classes.

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African update

African solutions and the will of the people coincide in the Gambia

Even as the dust is beginning to settle in the Gambia, it is not lost on Africans and people of good will that the manner in which ECOWAS resolved the standoff following recent elections there remains a great example of applying African solutions to African problems. ECOWAS took a principled position that the will of the Gambian people had to be respected by all the means necessary and acted with such steely but decorous resolve it restored order, peace and democracy to the West African nation without a drop of blood. Being able to do so with a good dose of African etiquette and without the usual dictates and bombs of vested foreign powers is a credit worthy of record and celebration.More

Book of the month

Xoliswa Ndoyiya: Ukutya Kwasekhaya

Xoliswa Ndoyiya: Ukutya KwasekhayaTastes from Nelson Mandela’s kitchen

A collection of recipes by Nelson Mandela's personal chef, this book contains the food served to visiting heads of state, celebrities, politicians for more than 20 years. Featuring some of the favourite former South African president's favourite meals including samp and beans, farm chicken, tripe, this book also features paella, peri-peri chicken, prawn curry, and myriad of other delights. With simple, delicious and nourishing recipes, it will interest those who wish to prepare meals that are both elegant and healthy.More

New arrivals

New titles in our library 12/2016

Our library has aquired a number of new and interesting books. Here is the list of the latest titles.

  • Blood Brothers: The Fatal Friendship Between Muhammad Ali and Malcolm X by Randy Roberts and Johnny Smith
  • Fashion Cities Africa by Hannah Azieb Pool
  • Frantz Fanon: Toward a Revolutionary Humanismby Christopher Lee
  • Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
  • Why Nations Fail: The Origins of Power, Prosperity and Poverty by Robinson, James A., Acemoglu, Daron
  • Shakespeare in Swahililand: Adventures With the Ever-Living Poet by Edward Wilson-Lee
  • A History of Modern Africa: 1800 to the Present by Richard J. Reid
  • Authentically African: Arts and the Transnational Politics of Congolese Culture by Sarah Van Beurden
  • Children in Slavery through the Ages by by Gwyn CampbellSuzanne MiersJoseph C. Miller
  • Global Health in Africa: Historical Perspectives on Disease Control by Tamara Giles-Vernick
  • Rumba on the River: A History of the Popular Music of the Two Congos by Gary  Stewart
  • Women and Slavery, Vol. 1: Africa, the Indian Ocean World, and the Medieval North Atlantic by Gwyn Campbell
  • Women and Slavery, Vol. 2: The Modern Atlantic by Gwyn Campbell
  • Cahier d'un Retour Au Pays Natal by Aimé Cesaire
  • Healing Traditions: African Medicine, Cultural Exchange and Competition in South Africa, 1820-1948 by Karen Elizabeth  Flint
  • Global Education Policy and International Development: New Agendas, Issues and Policies by Antoni Verger
  • Black Skin, White Coats: Nigerian Psychiatrists, Decolonization, and the Globalization of Psychiatry by Matthew M. Heaton

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